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a sound born in a storm. this is what happened when a bird fell from the sky and foxes followed us home. this is supernatural, homespun honesty. this is soup, at 4am. this is a map of the stars that trace our fate. this is paprika tea. this is animal instinct. this is our story. our music.

this is the sound that came from a gorge . this is what happened when lovers cut each others hair with a samurai sword. this is inside out and up 'n' down. this humble creation from this hibernation. baring and purging. this is defining heroes. this is katsu curry & fermented pears. this could be winter. these are our scars. this is our music.

this is the chaos of living with panthers in a house by the sea, where ravens share their secrets with those who speak their language. this is our allegiance to our ancestors and the salt in our Bourbon. two years of travelling the sun, we are finally home.


1. Druid
a lone wolf
a loner
a Druid
my lover
ancient and wise...
feral, as a child.
the wilderness
inside your eyes
Casanova, returning
to love her...
i'm yearning.
i taste you on the wind
i need to be within
the wilderness, inside your mind
i know you song, i know your voice
it's calling, i'm falling
i know your haunts, i know your heart
take me, don't break me
sleep with the pack, run with the band
or maybe, stay with me...
i've heard you pace, i've heard you cry
it's fuckin' with me
it destroyed me
i know your song, i know it well
it runs through me
and saved me.
(spoken word:)
remember that time i drew all down your back
and spoke in words of stars and maps
i really believed in us and that
'cos we have loved before
way before... do you remember?
when a bird fell from the sky and everything i knew had died
and i was scared
so scared
and that time when i cut my hair and cried all the way
from there to here
'cos in the mirror, all i saw was a liar
and you deserve better than that...
you held my face in your hands and all the stars lit up
one by one by one...
... and one fell into my hand

2. Gentle Centaurian
wild horses...
they run with your mind
you fall
so softly...
you kick in your sleep
over and over and over again
heart, beating heart, turn
and return to me
(spoken word:)
i kiss the flank
bury my face in your
soft tumbling hair
fragrant and flaxen
spun-silken with thyme
star-ploughing hand
across hipboned and keen
skin taut as snare...
gentle centaur
i'll wait for those eyes...
sweet pilgrim
oh come take me home...
over and over and over again
heart, beating heart turn
and return to me
(spoken word:)
in this quiet time
when i really see you
my mind drinks you in
ancient familiar, my love
my heart, like pony on beach,
she's gathering pace,
galloping! galloping!
your mind a whip
lies coiled and contained
it's tempered and tamed
only fleeting in dreams of
my gentle centaurian
our limbs entwined
forehead to forehead
i'm restless, untangle me.
(feels like i've known you before forever)
3. Behold, the Watcher
black forest, tall trees...
... the Towering Pine.
swallows they fill
the fallen sky
so close we can reach up
and write our names, with our fingers
on the misty ceiling...
i miss your limbs
i love your bones...
we lie together
on a bed of weeds
kissing and feeding
each other blood-berries
spilling from our mouths
staining our lips
that stains the kiss
skin on skin
golden hair, skilful hands
raven hair, inviting eyes...
silence but for the sounds of love
our bodies' rhythm cries...
behold the watcher, a curious fox
with green eyes....
(do you watch for how long... do you know where to find us)
(i miss your limbs...
... i love your bones)

4. No Fear of Trap nor Pin
i watch them come
no fear of trap nor pin
i watch them come
on beautiful beating wing
i watch them come
of red gold velvet
i watch them come
like gentle pilgrims
their message true and old
floods the chambers of my heart
they tell me i am safe here
they tell me i am home
they tell me that my home
is where my heart resides
a haven for the heart
and one hundred butterflies...
(i watch them come...)

5. Tibor
you were wild
i saw the way you looked at me
yellow eye
burning, bright...
do you dream...?
you could tear me apart
with one touch or slight...
do you dream?
i saw you alone
my god, you were beautiful
fearless eyes
questioning my everything
dare i dream...?
with your hand in the fire
i knew we had something....
we are lovers....
what does a tiger dream
hunting and running free
jungles and tigresses
symmetry, primal screams
cold hard reality
concrete beneath your feet
cages and misery
pacing, insanity...
what does a tiger see
resting its gaze on me
your secret is safe with thee
forever walk with me

6. wolverine

7. the bee-keeper
he lives alone
with his thoughts, and his stories
with eyes so blue
like the skies that we share
his soul is old
burning gold, pure as honey
he give so free
charming bees, charming me....
he took me home
gave me wine, gave me nectar
his gentle hands
exorcised all my goats
he planted me
in his bed, like a flower
sweet gentle man
charming bees, charming me....

8. charm
my little bird thrumming a love-song
on tiny wings
with kisses that sing...
my little bird, with your mouth wide open
unquenchable first
with kisses that sing....
my little bird (come here)
come let me hold you...
here in my hands
with kisses that sing....

9. shiver
here i come!!
i'm old, i'm ancient
i've been swimming these waters for millions of years
here i come!!
below you, circling
you're in my world now and i'm a hungry beast
you're weakening'
you're floundering now
going to sustain me, piece by piece
i'm close
i'm closing in on you now
there are real monsters in this world that long to feast...
dog eat dog
man eat dog
shark eat man
man eat man
they come
to destroy angels
to tear apart
in constant rhythm
they hunt in packs
to drown the lovers
to make a splash
to seek attention
to gate-crash
[this time it's personal]
the solace
of deepest
the lovers
to a world
without sound.

10. Black Sole
Black Sole... what do you want from me?
Black Sole... what do you care?
Running wild, like a child-cat-voodoo-owl
Circus act, acrobat, Alien Life Form...
all charm & stripes, familiar eyes
... and I can't turn back now.
Black Sole... What do you want from me?
Black Sole... What do you care?
I'm well-aware that his nature's not my own.
Should I die, he would gnaw upon my bones.
The Devil's smile & emerald eyes
... and now I can't let go.
Black Sole... What do you want from me?
Black Sole... What do you care?

11. Tilly
Little black cat, where have you been?
You little Devil, you little Queen.
Little black cat, what did you there?
You little bright-eyed monster, you little flare?
Don't think I don't know your game.......
Little black cat, scratchin' my door.
You little widow, you little whore.
Little black cat, why do you hide?
You little killer, you little child
Don't think I don't know your name.......

12. Corvid
They came dressed in black:
a murder, a funeral
feathered brow & scolding laugh.
Winged intelligenzia, taking flight.
Armed with razor beak and claw.... *chattering*
... sharing the drama.
They speak in ancient dialects and gift us bright & shiny things.
Watching and waiting for our fall, who are those beautiful old souls?
'cos they see everything....
..... any never forget your face.
We could talk all night:
putting the world to right,
turn off the big light.
Enduring the unpredictable hand of Man.
Observing the nature of the beast.... *distancing*
Honing survival....
Corvid in cabal and in clique
- they mock whatever we don't see.
We watch them plot and dance with time
amid cold coffee and confetti...
but here's the caveat:
they never forget your face....

13. For My Whale Brothers & Sisters
Cry, cry, cry..... for your mother
Cry, cry, cry..... for your brother
Cry, cry, cry..... for your father
and your sister
and your child
and your lover
... oh....
they can't hear you....
White noise spills like oil, heavy and spoiling.
The reef she bleeds
beneath each break
she quakes...
What's that sound?
the dreadful sound?
sounds like suicide
and I can't save you
if I can't feel you
or hear you
I can't guide you home...
What's that sound?
the dreadful sound?
brain haemorrhaging, loud
driving you to ground
the only way out...
the only way out is to drown...

(c) Pilgrims UK 2017
(c) Robert Davidson & Kat McDonald 2017


from Wilderness, released January 6, 2017
(c) Pilgrims UK 2017
(c) Robert Davidson & Kat McDonald 2017



all rights reserved


Pilgrims Scotland, UK

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