Wilderness - part 3

by Pilgrims

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this is the chaos of living with panthers in a house by the sea, where ravens share their secrets with those who speak their language. this is our allegiance to our ancestors and the salt in our Bourbon. two years of travelling the sun, we are finally home.


1. Black Sole

Black Sole... what do you want from me?
Black Sole... what do you care?

Running wild, like a child-cat-voodoo-owl
Circus act, acrobat, Alien Life Form...
all charm & stripes, familiar eyes
... and I can't turn back now.

Black Sole... What do you want from me?
Black Sole... What do you care?

I'm well-aware that his nature's not my own.
Should I die, he would gnaw upon my bones.
The Devil's smile & emerald eyes
... and now I can't let go.

Black Sole... What do you want from me?
Black Sole... What do you care?

2. Tilly

Little black cat, where have you been?
You little Devil, you little Queen.
Little black cat, what did you there?
You little bright-eyed monster, you little flare?

Don't think I don't know your game.......

Little black cat, scratchin' my door.
You little widow, you little whore.
Little black cat, why do you hide?
You little killer, you little child

Don't think I don't know your name.......

3. Corvid

They came dressed in black:
a murder, a funeral
feathered brow & scolding laugh.
Winged intelligenzia, taking flight.
Armed with razor beak and claw.... *chattering*
... sharing the drama.

They speak in ancient dialects and gift us bright & shiny things.
Watching and waiting for our fall, who are those beautiful old souls?
'cos they see everything....
..... any never forget your face.

We could talk all night:
putting the world to right,
turn off the big light.
Enduring the unpredictable hand of Man.
Observing the nature of the beast.... *distancing*
Honing survival....

Corvid in cabal and in clique
- they mock whatever we don't see.
We watch them plot and dance with time
amid cold coffee and confetti...
but here's the caveat:
they never forget your face....

4. For My Whale Brothers & Sisters

Cry, cry, cry..... for your mother
Cry, cry, cry..... for your brother
Cry, cry, cry..... for your father
and your sister
and your child
and your lover
... oh....
they can't hear you....

White noise spills like oil, heavy and spoiling.
The reef she bleeds
beneath each break
she quakes...

What's that sound?
the dreadful sound?
sounds like suicide
and I can't save you
if I can't feel you
or hear you
I can't guide you home...

What's that sound?
the dreadful sound?
brain haemorrhaging, loud
driving you to ground
the only way out...
the only way out is to drown...


released January 5, 2017
(c) Pilgrims UK 2017
(c) Robert Davidson & Kat McDonald 2017



all rights reserved


Pilgrims Scotland, UK

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